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Ceramic pall
Ceramic pall
Ceramic pall


Revaz Berdzenishvili




In the beginning the wet mass of clay is being flattened with a roller and contours of the seat are shaped unpredictably. Ceramic has good thermal qualities and if used in a furniture as seating it can store heat in cold climate. Also, earthenware ceramic is porous and if the seat is moisturized with water, it will absorb it and keep it cool in warmer climate. Together with experi- mental aesthetics I explore ceramic as alternative experience of seating. Damaged aluminum pipes were recovered and restored from a local boat- yard. Mixing handmade and fabricated materials create contrasts. Contrast between tactile, matte ceramic and glossy, cold aluminum. Also contrast between rational straight lines and irrational spontaneous shape. 




H40 - B30 - L27 cm              


Ceramics (Earthenware with chamotte)


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